Make Your Tomorrow Better Today

Employment solutions that take the hassle out of hiring and being hired.


WHO We Are

NW Employment Solutions is an Oregon-based, full-service staffing firm dedicated to matching applicants to the best jobs available and to meeting the staffing needs of employers. With Northwest, you can count on working with people who are concerned about YOU being successful.

Whether you’re looking for work or looking for workers... we can help!

Family-Operated Business

Women-Owned Business

Minority-Owned Business

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If You’re Looking for Work

There are other staffing companies out there that can help job seekers find work, but Northwest does more than that. We don’t just find jobs for people; we find them the RIGHT jobs. We’re truly dedicated to helping you move forward in life – to make a real difference in your tomorrow, starting today.


Free to You

Working with NW Employment Solutions costs you nothing! Northwest will never ask its applicants to pay for the support and services they receive.

Resume & Interview Help

Looking for a job can be tough, but you don’t have to do it on your own. Northwest recruiters offer career advice to help you not only find your dream job but land it.

Fast & Accurate Answers

Your recruiter will provide you with personal and prompt attention to answer questions you may have and keep you updated on your application process as it unfolds.

Rapid Access to Employers

We’re more than just a job search agency. We provide access to reputable local employers that match your interests and skills and give you ready access to future openings.


If You’re Looking for Workers

Northwest is a future-focused enterprise devoted to building lasting partnerships with our associates and with the businesses we serve. And while we do that, we also strive to build long-term community partnerships that bring benefits to everyone.


We Handle All Preliminary HR Activities

From writing the position description to arranging interviews with applicants, our expert staffing solutions take the hassle out of hiring and help your business get on track fast.

No Buyout Fee

If you quickly decide that the new staff member is the right one for the job, HIRE THEM! We have no required minimum number of hours worked or buyout fee to get in the way of you moving forward. There are no hidden fees or additional costs – there is no catch!

Need Help Finding a Direct Hire?

Sometimes it’s hard to find the right person for those niche openings, right? Well, we know where to look! Let us do the time-consuming search and provide you with pre-screened candidates to interview and choose from, all for a single one-time fee. We even provide a one-time 30-day replacement guarantee at no additional cost.

Industries We Serve

We know a lot about the industries we serve, and that means we can effectively match applicants to the actual needs of employers. We give applicants fast and reliable answers to their questions, along with better access to the businesses that use our staffing services.

See Why Job Seekers Love Northwest

For over 20 years, Northwest has helped to match hundreds of people just like you with their dream job. Discover what other job seekers have to say about our staffing services.

Hot Listings


Our Locations


We Build Lasting Relationships

While we help people get temporary jobs if that’s what they’re looking for, we’re not just a temp agency. We aim for more than that. Our goal is to help people truly move forward in life by matching great candidates with great employers in long-lasting relationships.