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Knowing what kind of construction worker you need or what skills they should have is one thing, but finding them is an entirely different thing. More so when you are in need of said workers as soon as possible. But by working alongside NW Employment Solutions, you can worry less about construction recruitment and focus more on how to put the new work hands to better use. The roles we currently help within the construction industry are:

• Site Cleanup 

• Demolition 

• Restoration 

Construction workers are talking to construction agency recruiters, with one construction worker shaking hands with a recruiter.A construction worker discussing construction plans with an architect who is holding a tablet.

Checking For Skills During Construction Recruitment

We understand that skills required in construction jobs will vary greatly according to the job type. But we also know there are several skills that all interested applicants must have to work on a construction site. They must have a good grasp of building and engineering; they must know how to read and understand plans, and they must know how to use a variety of power tools. NW Employment Solutions begins looking at the more job-specific skills once we are sure the applicant has the necessary core skills and knowledge to work in your construction company. But we don’t just stop with their technical abilities or physical competence.

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The Right Attitude For Construction Jobs

We at NW Employment Solutions also place importance on the attitudes or mindsets of your future construction workers. It’s not enough that they have the skills to work or know their way around a construction site. They must also know how to do their jobs effectively with others, making the ability to communicate just as essential as knowing how to measure the height of a column. We also place emphasis on selecting potential workers who are always willing to learn skills to do other construction jobs and can take the pressure off meeting a deadline. As construction work is very fast-paced and high intensity, your business will definitely benefit from our construction staffing agency.

An image of a construction worker holding a helmet while also wearing a construction site vest and toolbelt.

Setting Foundations With NW Employment Solutions

Build up or supplement your workforce today with skilled construction workers through our construction recruitment agency. Let us set down the perfect foundation for your company today!

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