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NW Employment Solutions helps businesses that have problems staffing in Eugene, Oregon. We assist them by also helping job hunters find these businesses quickly. But unlike most temp agencies in Eugene, Oregon, we do more than just pair workers with any potential companies looking to hire.

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Why Choose NW Employment Solutions?

Job hunting can be very stressful even for the most experienced job hunters. Especially if you are the most qualified person in the room, the risk of being passed over for another person is still there. The possibility is even greater when a company prefers to use mass recruitment methods for rapid staffing in Eugene, Oregon.

Mass recruitment involves a business accepting all incoming resumes. They then have their recruiters quickly leaf through the resumes and make spot decisions on whether or not the applicant will get an interview. While great for saving time, recruiters won’t be very thorough when reading resumes.

Recruiters from our temp agencies in Eugene, Oregon will always take their time to check your resume. This way, we can set you up with the best jobs available.

Find The Right Job!

Why Join NW Employment Solutions

Never go job hunting without a backup plan, even when you have a new job waiting for you. NW Employment Solutions will be your backup plan. When you partner with us, you will gain three amazing perks to make your job hunting easy and almost stress-free.

Be Better Prepared

Our staffing agency can increase your hiring chances by improving your resume, teaching you the right things to say in an interview, and more. With our help, you will surely succeed.

Find The Best Jobs

We won’t stop at just finding you any kind of job. We will help you find a job that will make better use of your skills and experience while also keeping your goals and wishes in mind.

Enjoy Long-Term Work

Our main goal is to set you on the road to success. We will help you land a job that is both rewarding and long-term. You will surely work with employers who will unlock and use your full potential.


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