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While technology has advanced to the point where many manufacturing jobs are handled through pure automation, human involvement is still a must. We at NW Employment Solutions know how important it is to find more than suitable workers for manufacturing jobs. As your manufacturing staffing agency, we aim to find the most experienced and best-trained personnel who will work for you in the long run.

Manufacturing Jobs We Recruit For

Manufacturing is a very broad industry, covering three major areas of product creation - physical, chemical, and mechanical. Each area has its own collection of jobs an appropriate skilled worker can do. But to allow us to focus our recruitment and staffing efforts, we have narrowed the number of job types we want to help you fill. We are currently filling the following manufacturing positions listed below.

Workers in blue uniform performing physical manufacturing. A welder that is welding something with sparks flying.

Machine Operator

While most factories are automated, we still need human input for other equipment.

Welder Jobs

Welder jobs require patience and precision to be both effective, efficient, and clean.

Electrical Assembly

Put together and test new electrical or electronic equipment for other technical fields.

General Assembly

Put together premade components or already assembled parts to form the final product.

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Flexible Skillsets

To further assist you, your factory’s processes, and manufacturing operations, we aim to provide recruits who can fill multiple roles. We believe doing so will help your efforts to run smoothly and efficiently in the long run. Thus, if you need workers who can serve as potential leaders at the workplace or take on a specific job without trouble, we can deliver. Furthermore, to ensure your workforce operates like a well-oiled machine, NW Employment Solutions will also look at the attitudes of your future recruits. A team that can work together will prosper together.

A man in an orange hard hat and vest is checking a factory machine.

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NW Employment Solutions will help you complete your manufacturing workforce through swift but efficient recruitment. For more information, be sure to contact us today!

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