Boosting Your Light Industry

In the business of manufacturing, light industrial work has a different focus compared to heavy industry. Where heavy industries are more business-focused, light industries are more consumer-focused. This fact is reflected in the workforce size and the number of raw materials going into light industrial work, making it far less capital-intensive when compared to heavy industry.

Light Industrial Jobs We Fill

Light industry jobs are very similar to many manufacturing jobs, with an emphasis on the physical aspects. This is thanks to light industrial work relying more on competent workers than machinery. For your light industry staffing needs, we at NW Employment Solutions will find and recommend workers who have the right technical skills for manufacturing work. In addition, we will also staff your light industry workforce with physically capable workers. The jobs we are currently aiming to fill are:

Project Manager

The project manager is in charge of administrative project management. Tasks under this can range from procuring materials to assigning tasks for warehouse jobs.

Forklift Operator

Forklift operator jobs are needed in light industrial work, especially within factory settings or for warehouse jobs that require lifting much heavier items. 

Materials Handler

Responsibilities fall within checking and working with various materials that are common to the specific light industry the materials handler will work in.

Order Puller

Order Pullers are responsible for making sure orders are filled with the right items from the warehouse before they are packaged and delivered to the customer.

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More Than
Warehouse Jobs

Skills learned and mastered while working in a light industry sector are easily transferable when used within another sector. This allows light industrial workers to operate in many different environments easily, not just in a warehouse. This is especially true for workers who have previously worked in manufacturing. What this means for your future workers is they will have ample time and opportunities to further hone their craft and learn new skills along the way. They won’t be stuck doing warehouse jobs or feel like they are not improving in some way.


Light Yet Skilled Workers

Allow us at NW Employment Solutions to take charge of your recruitment, screening, and hiring efforts. We will find the best workers suited for light industrial work quickly and efficiently. If you would like to know more, do not hesitate to contact us.

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