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Finding jobs in Woodburn, Oregon is made easy with the help of our staffing agency. By partnering with NW Employment Solutions, you will have access to various resources that will allow you to thrive in your job of choice.


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Finding a job can be very frustrating for you as a first-time job hunter, even more so when you do not land the job you want. However, not landing a job is sometimes due to how a company handles its recruiting efforts. To fill their positions quickly, recruiters will first accept every resume they receive. They will then review each one for about 10 seconds, noting whether the applicant will get an interview or not.

While a company’s emphasis on hiring speed can affect your chances of getting the job, that doesn't mean you can’t do anything about it. And that’s where NW Employment Solutions come in - we seek to improve your hiring chances as well as expand your job opportunities. Our staffing agency will do what we can to make sure you land the job you truly deserve.

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In the city of Woodburn, Oregon jobs are plentiful, but that shouldn’t stop you from going the extra mile to improve your chances of getting hired. If you choose to partner with NW Employment Solutions, you can enjoy several advantages:

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Whether you are writing a resume or getting ready for an interview, we can help review and improve both. As your partners, we will take all the necessary steps to prepare you for job hunting.

We Find The Right Jobs

When you partner with our staffing agency, you will no longer need to just take whatever job is available. We will help you search for jobs in Woodburn, Oregon that fit your skills and experience.

Long-Term Work Placement

We guarantee to find work that is high-quality, rewarding, and long-term. We will find employers who will make use of your talents and grant you every opportunity to be successful within their company.


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