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NW Employment Solutions can make your job-hunting easier. We have more to offer you than most Portland, Oregon employment agencies. Not only will we help you find a job, but we will find ones that will offer long-term benefits and employment.

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Our Portland, Oregon Employment Agencies and You

First-time job seekers will slowly feel a host of negative emotions as they go from job interview to job interview. While it is possible the job seeker did not meet the company’s requirements, it is also possible that the company is using a recruitment method based on speed.

Many companies try to fill up their vacant positions quickly. Their recruiters accept all resumes given to them, and then only glance at them for 10 seconds at best before making a decision. Those selected move up the process as normal.

NW Employment Solutions will help you bypass that process by finding the employers that are looking for someone with your resume.

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Reasons to Join Our Agency

We can serve as both a permanent or temp agency. As a permanent agency, you are guaranteed to find long-term employment. And as a Portland, Oregon temp agency, you will find available part-time work. Additionally, you will enjoy a handful of perks. You will:

Be Properly Prepared

NW Employment Solutions can help you tighten up your resume and prepare you for interviews. We will take the necessary steps to improve your chances of getting hired while job seeking.

Find Excellent Jobs

You won’t need to accept the ‘only job available’ anymore. Find excellent jobs that fit your skills set and experience. Or take a look at our list of employers who may be looking for someone with your resume.

Get Long-Term Work

We aim to set you up for success. When finding work, NW Employment Solutions will make sure you will enter a long-term and very rewarding job. We guarantee to find employers who will use your talents properly.


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