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We make finding suitable jobs in Clackamas, Oregon quick and easy. Unlike most employment agencies, we won’t just place you into any job. We will find one that fits your skills and work experience, as well as one that offers plenty of long-term benefits.

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Job hunting can be quite stressful even for the most patient job hunters. Even if you are more than qualified for a job, there is a possibility that someone else would be chosen over you. This happens especially when a business prefers the method of mass recruitment.

Mass recruitment involves recruiters accepting all incoming resumes. They then take around 10 seconds to read each resume before deciding if an applicant should be called for an interview or not. At best, they choose someone more qualified, while at worst they don’t check your resume.

We can help you avoid such a process by referring you directly to an employer in Clackamas County who might be looking for someone with your skills and experience.

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Whether you are already working, have a new job lined up, or have referrals to follow up on, it’s always good to have a backup plan. When you partner with NW Employment Solutions, you can enjoy perks that will make your future job hunts less stressful.

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Our team can help improve your resume as well as prepare you for your interviews. We will do all we can to increase your chances of getting that job you deserve.

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We can help you find the best jobs in Clackamas, Oregon, and beyond. Never settle for a job that does not suit you. You can also get access to our list of potential employers who would be more than happy to hire you.

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Our goal is to prepare you for success. Our team will help you land a job that will last longer and be rewarding. This means finding employers who will want to use your skills to their full potential.


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